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Dealing with the death of a partner or family member is one of life’s great challenges. Making the unfortunate event more daunting is the process of handling the deceased person’s estate. However, we can help you through this formidable task.

Our probate attorneys at Klosek Law Firm in Sacramento, CA, can free your mind of worry by handling all of the nitty-gritty details and helping you secure your loved one’s estate.

Trusted Sacramento Probate and Estate Planning

probate lawyer works with an estate’s beneficiaries and executors to settle a decedent’s affairs. This administering of the estate is called probate. If the deceased leaves a will, attorneys provide legal assistance. For instance, they can review a will to ensure its authenticity and hasten the probate process. If no will exists, they can assist with the distribution of assets following the state law.

Our legal team provides all of this type of support and other related matters like estate planning, drawing up a trust or will, providing advice on powers of attorney, or even acting as your estate’s administrator or executor.

Our team, experienced in the California state laws, will go through your case and recommend an end plan that satisfies all parties.


Acquiring appraisals for the deceased's real property


Identifying and securing estate assets


Supervising the probate estate


Filing federal and state tax returns


Handling the trust administration


Locating next of kin

Do I Need a Probate Attorney?

Do you need a lawyer for probate? While not a requirement, having a professional licensed by the state bar of California can make the process more comfortable and efficient. Many complex legislations affect a deceased person’s estate and you need to have a keen understanding of each one. People who try to do things on their own (in pro per) frequently file the wrong documents, or are missing items which leads to delays and increased court costs. 

Going to probate court without attorneys also means that you will have to:

  1. Petition to be the estate’s representative
  2. Notify every heir and creditor
  3. Change the legal ownership of the assets
  4. Transfer the assets to the heirs and manage the payment of bills, debts, and taxes
  5. Provide the court with proof of your actions and close the estate
Probate attorney sacramento

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Smoothly managing an estate requires knowledge and experience, and our law firm can provide both. The team at Klosek Law Firm is committed to simplifying the legal process and freeing your mind of unnecessary stress. Our probate and estate lawyers will handle all of the heavy lifting to limit courts’ involvement and streamline the distribution of assets.

If you need help reviewing your case or would like to begin planning the estate process, please contact one of our probate attorneys to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Where Can I Find a Probate Attorney Near Me?

Our law group has several practice areas and law offices in California. You can book an appointment at the nearest one for your convenience! Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation if you have any questions.

When it comes to trust and estate planning, our experienced attorneys at Klosek Law Offices have the knowledge and experience you require, having served countless clients in the Sacramento, CA, area over the years.

Now you have no need to Google “probate attorney near me” if you’re in the Sacramento area. Just call us! If you want to discuss your options involving trust administration, and estate planning please contact us for a free consultation at our Sacramento law offices. Our trust and estate planning attorneys are ready to serve you.


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