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A last will and testament – more commonly known as just a will – is an estate plan that can help protect your property and your loved ones after your death. As with every legal matter, drafting an effective will is much easier to accomplish in the presence of a lawyer.

At Klosek Law Offices in Sacramento, CA, we work closely with our clients to meet their estate planning needs and goals. Probate law is different from other practice areas of law, such as family or business law.

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The Importance of Writing a Will in Sacramento, CA

Many people try to avoid probate and wills as a topic since they seem morbid to consider. However, if you die without a will or estate plan – which is called dying intestate – California’s intestacy laws will dictate the distribution of your property. The state legislation gives your property to your closest living relatives, following a specific order that might not match your personal wishes.

If you want to draft your own will, you and two witnesses must sign the document, and it should be free of errors and revisions. However, hiring a law group for your estate planning might be the better option to ensure that it’s executed correctly.

When you write a last will and testament, you can:


Leave your assets and real estate property to a specific loved one (or organization)


Name a personal guardian who will care for your children


Name a trusted person to manage the property for your children


Name an executor who will carry out your will's terms

The Benefits of Making an Estate Plan and Writing a Will with an Estate Law Group

1 – Will Attorneys Can Personalize Your Estate Plan

Everyone has his or her own individual wishes and needs for what will happen after they pass away. An experienced attorney licensed with the California state bar can produce a customized document that matches your explicit needs while meeting state and federal requirements.

Aside from creating a will, an estate planning attorney can also assist you in other matters, too, such as setting up a living trust or advising you on a power of attorney. Estate planning can also include drawing up medical directives and a living will. Our lawyers can help customize those as well.

2 – Drafting a Valid Handwritten Will is Much More Challenging

A handwritten will – that is, a document not drafted by a lawyer – has different legal requirements, and making one mistake could void its validity. Documents created with a lawyer’s help will be more thorough, ensuring the proper distribution of assets and reducing the risk of a court contest or probate.

3 – A Law Office Makes Revisions and Updates Easier

As you go through life, your wishes and needs on legal matters might change. Estate planning attorneys who do wills can easily update your documents and give you peace of mind about when probate comes in the future.

When probate does happen, and you are no longer there to oversee your affairs, your attorney will handle all of the heavy lifting and make the process as smooth and stress-free for your survivors as possible.

Make Your Estate Planning Much Easier with a Wills Lawyer in Sacramento

At Klosek Law Firm, we work with every client to help arrange their last wishes with a will that meets estate planning law requirements. Our lawyers for wills can assist you with other legal services, like drafting a living trust or revocable trust.

If you need an estate planning attorney for wills, instead of Googling “will lawyer near me” or “living will lawyers near me,” please contact the Klosek Law Firm team today to arrange for a free consultation.

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